Keir Whitaker

Time for bed – Keir Whitaker

I know Keir for quite some time now and every time we sit down and chat, it turns out to be an interesting conversation. Sometimes about events, then about family and life as kind of a “digital nomad”. I mean we both life in a house and have a family with kids, but for neither of us it really matters from where we work and that leads to the fact, that it sometimes is our home office, sometimes a cafe or alike. For both of us it is important to find the right balance between time for family and work, but with all its advantages like flexibility and disadvantages like being away for a some days for example.

Surely we also speak about the idea and relationships between sponsors – which I like to call partners – and event organisers or events.

But next to his work for Shopify Keir also finds time to blog or to host a podcast himself. How he manages this and how he motivates himself to keep his, so called side projects, alive, is also something we chatted about.

So, we took all this into a roundabout 40 minutes show for TWUMBLE and you can listen to the outcome.

A pleasure having you on my show, Keir.

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